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A donation to any of the funds listed below makes you a Friend of Theatre at MSU, an organization created to promote and support activities in Theatre and Dance.


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The Friends of Theatre at Michigan State University (FOT) wishes to express appreciation for the many contributions George Peters made to the FOT and to the MSU Department of Theatre (DOT). He encouraged the FOT to support a broad range of activities in the DOT and supported the Friends in these directions. He played a crucial role in transforming the Department of Theatre into a growing and dynamic part of the College of Arts and Letters and arts on campus. Both of these institutions are better for his efforts and leadership.

~ The Board of the Friends of Theatre at MSU





Summer Circle Theatre Gala 2014 

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The Friends of Theatre at MSU (FOT) is a community group committed to:  promoting, encouraging, and enhancing activities and programs of the Michigan State University Department of Theatre (DOT); creating fund-raising opportunities to support the DOT and promoting improvements in its programs and facilities; and collaborating with the DOT in organizing events and programs that expand the community experience of theatre.

Some Background

The Friends of Theatre evolved from an earlier group, the Friends of Summer Circle Theater, that was formed to insure the continued existence of Summer Circle by raising funds for its partial support.  George Peters, who became Chair of the DOT in January 2006, raised with the Friends the possibility of expanding its activities to include support of activities of the DOT as well as Summer Circle Theatre.  This was discussed and approved at a retreat of the Friends.  Bylaws were developed and approved at a meeting held 11 February 2008.  These Bylaws include in the “Statement of Purpose” the items outlined above In June 2008, Officers were elected and Board members were chosen, all with terms of two years.  The membership of the founding and succeeding Boards, is shown below.

Organizational Details

The governing body of the organization is its Board of Directors.  Its membership consists of the officers and six members at large.  The officers (President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian) are elected at an annual meeting of the FOT held in the late spring and serve two-year terms.  The at-large members of the Board include the Chair of the DOT and a representative of the Department of Theatre; other members are chosen for their two year terms in late spring.  A individual from the College of Arts and Letters Development Office serves as an ex-officio member. The Board meets once a month and at least nine times per year.  Presently, meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at the Department of Theatre; earlier meetings had been held at the offices of the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

To see a list of our standing committees:  Standing Committees

To reference the Bylaws go to:  BYLAWS

2013-14 FOT Board of Directors

  • Jacqueline Babcock, President
  • Katharine Hude, President Elect
  • Karen Kangas-Preston, Secretary, Department of Theatre Rep
  • Joan Mattson, Treasurer
  • Jeanie Croope, Historian
  • Jane Vieth, Past President 
  • Robert M. Andrews
  • Sam M. Austin
  • Carol Bryson
  • Kirk Domer, Department of Theatre Chairperson
  • Gretchen Foster
  • Jean Lyle Lepard
  • Scott McMillan
  • Dionne O'Dell, (ex-officio), Department of Theatre


For members of previous Boards, Go to:  PREVIOUS BOARD MEMBERS